The 16 Personality Types:
Descriptions for Self-Discovery


The 16 Personality Types

The 16 Personality Types, Descriptions for Self-Discovery is an invaluable tool for users of personality type instruments. These descriptions present a living systems approach to describing the 16 types. Dr. Berens and Dr. Nardi have captured the essence of the 16 type patterns and crafted descriptions to be used by individuals to clarify their best-fit type. The booklet provides the user with an interactive process to help individuals clarify their own best-fit type. Worksheets to help individuals better understand themselves and others are provided for basic application.

This booklet provides the user with . . .

Table of Contents

From the Authors
What Is Personality
Personality has Several Aspects
Understanding Personality
What is Personality "Type"
Knowing the "Self"
Ways to Describe Personality
Traits and Parts
Processes and Parts
How to Discover Your Best-Fit Type
What is Best-Fit Type?
Personality Instruments
The Self-Discovery Process(SM)
Descriptions for Self-Discovery
The Sixteen Personality Type Descriptions\

Expeditor Promoter ESTP
Analyzer Operator ISTP
Motivator Presenter ESFP
Composer Producer ISFP
Implementor Supervisor ESTJ
Planner Inspector ISTJ
Facilitator Caretaker ESFJ
Protector Supporter ISFJ
Strategist Mobilizer ENTJ
Conceptualizer Director INTJ
Explorer Inventor ENTP
Designer Theorizer INTP
Envisioner Mentor ENFJ
Foreseer Developer INFJ
Discoverer Advocate ENFP
Harmonizer Clarifier INFP

Understanding Yourself
Relating to Others
Now What?

Appendix A: Essential Qualities of the Patterns
Appendix B: Notes for the Facilitator
Appendix C: References


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